Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Home Sweet Home

Although I no longer live in Kentucky, this is my home and forever will be. I love my southern roots!

Today is the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby. Since I hail from the state of Kentucky, I would like to share some special thoughts and treats about my home.

My Old Kentucky Home

Run for the Roses

A Few Derby Recipes:

Kentucky Hot Brown ~

Run for the Roses Pie ~

Mint Julep ~

There is only one proper drink to have at a Kentucky Derby party, and that's a mint julep. A traditional mint julep is made with bourbon, muddled mint leaves and sugar, finely crushed ice and a generous sprig of mint for garnish. Almost every state in the South claims to have invented it. The time-honored way to serve a julep is in a frosty silver goblet, but you can use whatever festive cups you like. An extra-nice touch is to trim straws so they just slightly stick out of the cup. When guests sip from the short straws, their noses will be close to the refreshing mint garnish.

Making a Mint Julep Video


  1. So, I started a blog, but I NEED HELP!!! Yours looks so cute & mine is so not cute. :(

  2. don't know when you have time to keep up a blog, but keep up the good work.