Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Nice Surprise

Finally, Mother's Day was complete! I thoroughly enjoyed Mother's Day with Beth, Luke and Taylor, but it just was missing something...and that something was Aaron. I understood he couldn't be with us because he had to work, but I still missed seeing him on Mother's Day.

Well, a week ago today I was sitting at my computer at school when who should appear at my door but Beth.

"Mom, I thought I would bring you home today, so you wouldn't have to wait until Dad got off work to bring you home." (Bill had my car because his car was in the shop.)

I insisted that I stay at school because I had plenty of work to do in my classroom. I tried to assure Beth that I would be fine staying at school until Bill came home.

She refused to let me stay.

"Mom, you've been putting in too many hours. Just let me bring you home."

After a lot of persuasion (Beth even got my friend Chris in on the action), I finally gave in, thinking, "But I have so much work to do!"

Wow!!! Am I ever so glad I went home.................

We arrived at our house to find Aaron's car in the driveway!!! My heart jumped for joy!!! I couldn't wait to get in the house to hug my Aaron!!!

Aaron told me that he wanted to come visit because he wasn't able to be with me on Mother's Day. He treated me to dinner and spent a couple nights with us. We also enjoyed watching Aaron play his guitar and sing.

Just having him home was the best!

A fun visit at the restaurant!

Music to my ears!


  1. nice hair!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA


  2. Aww man did you guys eat at Five Guys?? Yummm I am gonna have to drive out to the other end of town and eat it now.

  3. of my favorite places!!!

  4. Tevin, his hair is shorter now. :o)